Acceptance of Goods

Proper and gentle harvesting guarantees the best possible quality at the shop! We scrutinise all goods carefully at the producers' fruit orchard before they are harvested, so we can provide suitable storage for apples according to their shelf life. In addition, we inspect all apples visually when we accept them. The interior quality of the fruits is determined by sugar and crushing strength measurements prior to storage.


Modern cooling and storage facilities are our standard. Thanks to appropriate CA-ULO and DCA storage (oxygen reduction down to 0.5%) we can provide our customers with fresh produce at any time of the year.


By acquiring a new fruit-protecting sorting apparatus in 2012, we are now state of the art. All market requirements can be met by painstaking sorting by size, colour and quality.


Our nine different forms of packaging allow us to be a powerful partner for our customers and to fulfil any customer wish in no time.

Whether it is the foodtainer, a carrier bag or tray goods – we package your fruits according to your demands with utmost care and caution.

A modern, computer-based traceability system makes every single lot of your products traceable all the way back to the producer.


We are proud to provide quick and reliable logistics!

Having our own modern fleet of vehicles, in particular our own reliable truck drivers, we can guarantee flexible and on-time disposition every day – so that our products make their way safely to our customers.