The Styrian Apple


The Styrian uplands, the region of Southeastern Styria, is located in the midst of the European Apple Belt, which stands out due to its favourable climate. This climate is the basis for the quality of the Styrian apple. Strong soils and the classic climate characterised by large temperature differences between day and night shape the extraordinary taste of Styrian apples that is valued far beyond the borders of Austria.

Our farmers

In Styrian orcharding, harvesting healthy products and preserving the natural environment are top goals. About 100 fruit farmers produce about 25,000 high-quality apples for us every year – in accordance with very strict regulations. In most of these businesses, the entire family is involved, and quantity is placed second to quality.

Board of directors

Our board members participate actively by keeping in touch with our many producers in each region, thus contributing substantially to safeguarding the future of fruit farming in Styria.